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The spilt, arch back, balance Pose, cartwheels ... ... when you see this variety of beautiful movement, will you consider allowing your children to participate in gymnastics classes?


Gymnastics is not only a beautiful posture, but also the basic movement of  kids to growth.  Pointed out by gymnastics coach, gymnastics training will build up children's physical coordination and flexibility, even some other sport like Tae Kwon Do, ballet, ice-skating children, will learn gymnastics to strengthen certain actions. It seems that no matter what kind of campaign you  wanted to learn, gymnastic will help to lay a solid foundation.


the basic of

every sports




Gymnastics is the basis of all sports, such as children have to do warm up before that participate any kind of sport.  Learn gymnastics, the body will gain better coordination and flexibility. Gymnastics action appears difficulty, in fact, children can be done through training, which can build up self-confidence and courage.


The courage to

build up
self-confidence training






If you want to make a variety of gymnastics moves, the body must be having certain flexibility, so the sooner the children learn will be more easily overcome the stretching.  The most desirable age to began learning gymnastics is 3-year-old, at this age children can learn bridge, the spilt movements, but also the initial contact with a variety of gymnastics equipment, children can learn forward roll, baby handstand, etc..


To test the strength, the parents may also encourage children to participate in gymnastics competitions in Hong Kong schools, Hong Kong Open Champ, and so on. Also can get recognized qualifications by apply the Hong Kong, China Gymnastics Association badges plan.

3-year-old bridge can be managed

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